A selection of on-line Albanian, Basque, Romanian, Catalan newspapers, TV and radio stations and learning resources that I find useful.


I am absolutely passionate about languages, and as such, over the years I've come across a number of useful websites for maintaining and improving my knowledge of languages.  So in case these may be of interest to you, herewith a selection of Albanian, Basque, Romanian and Catalan on-line newspapers, TV and radio stations and other language learning resources which you might find useful.




The Koha Jonë newspaper
The Shekulli newspaper
RTK - The Kosovo public broadcaster
Albanian language books at Amazon


Buber's Basque page - a compendium of all things Basque and Euskara
EiTB - The Basque autonomous community broadcasting service
The Harluxet Basque dictionary (an extensive on-line dictionary)
Basque language books at Amazon



TVR - The Romanian state broadcaster
The Adevărul newspaper
The Evenimentul Zilei newspaper
The Moldova Azi website - news and information about Moldova in Romanian
Romanian language books at Amazon




The Institut Ramon Llull - Catalan cultural and linguistic organisation     

The Avui newspaper

TV3 - The Catalan autonomous community broadcasting service
Catalan language books at Amazon